Jacob Poulsgaard Tjørnholm

I’m a software developer based in Aarhus, Denmark. I have a lot of experience doing Rails development, but my main interest these days is functional programming, especially with Clojure.

If your curious about functional programming, I recommend checking out two podcasts in particular: The Cognicast and Functional Geekery. If you want beginner-friendly lectures and screencasts, check out PurelyFunctional.tv.

I am currently working building GoMore together with amazing and diverse team of people spread across Denmark. I love what we’re creating, and I’m delighted to see the project gaining a lot of traction these years.

Until 2012 I did some freelance Rails work. As a freelancer, I have built or helped build several successful projects, such as Gopubli.sh, ejendomsstatistik.dk, fundingguiden.dk and many others. Before going freelance, I worked at some interesting companies, notably VMware, Trifork and Cryptomathic.